Why us because we can relate, we are motivated, we are professionals and we do not plan to limit ourselves just to train. We strive to provide an opportunity for our trainees to earn some livelihood and face life with dignity. For this our modus operandi is simple and effective. First we assess the trainee’s strength and weaknesses on various parameters like functional knowledge, cognitive ability, motor efficiency, area of interest and then evolve a training programme best suited to their abilities.

Why Choose Us?

Many years back when Anant was first diagnosed as Autistic, it didn’t hit me that bad. I was naïve and could not understand the implication of it on his overall development. “He was so cute and adorable. How does it matter if he speaks little late”, was my first thought back then. But as the years passed by, the challenges faced by him as a sufferer and we as a care giver made me realise the gravity of the situation.

My experience as a mother and a professional in this field , made me realise one thing that providing basic support system , giving them an inclusive educational platform , tending to his various sensory, emotional , psychological and physical needs were still easy as for that many systems were in place. But, majority of these children after somehow finishing their secondary and senior secondary examination were left untended. Parents are clueless about what to do and, schools have their own limitations.

Then there are children whose graph for variety of reasons can’t go up and it plateaus. They are struggling with many issues, be it sensory, cognitive or emotional. The learning gets effected and host of adolescent issues arises as they grow up.

So, keeping in mind all these, and the severe lack of life skill training in our fabric of society motivated me and some likeminded professionals to join hands and start this initiative, where the main focus would be to train young adults with disabilities for their livelihood.

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