We are a young adult vocational training centre for person with disabilities as described in PWD Act 2016. We train them not only for life skills but also focus on capacity building through various activities. We believe in the fact that “each one of us has the capacity to do something”. Now, it’s our responsibility to realise those potentials, and bring out the best from them.


We even have something in place for those, who due to motor or cognitive deficiencies can’t reach certain parameters.

  • 1. Training Programme:

    The first and foremost aim of the centre would be to provide work skills to the young adults best suited to their needs. Building life skills and vocational skills are paramount for us, which will subsequently equip them with confidence, will help them to pass their time in a productive way, will provide them an opportunity to earn something and live their life with a fair amount of dignity which is the right of each human being.

  • 2. Functional Academics:

    Apart from work skills we also aim to provide and equip our trainees with functional knowledge of the world.

    • Identifying places like, grocery shop, stationary shops, ATMs, police station, metro station etc.
    • Very basic banking skills like taking out money from the ATM.
    • Making a shopping list, reading MRP, computing price etc.
    • Basic computer knowledge and use of calculator.
    • Basic typing, internet surfing
    • Taking calls and passing simple information.
    • Maintaining and using a small telephone directory.
    • Use of smart phone for calling, listening songs, searching for information, playing games etc.

  • 3. Gainful employment:

    The ultimate aim of any training is gainful employment. The process is to break each task into several micro units, train the trainees on each micro unit, and when a trainee is able to complete task on each unit independently, then we can say proudly that, now he/ she is ready to join the independent work force.

    The finished products, will be a reminder and a proof that one can do wonders, if our heart, mind and effort is at the right place. We aim to market these products to retailers and organisations. Here the role of parents, family members, friends and immediate neighbourhood will come in hand , as without their support its difficult to achieve what we strive to achieve.

    Apart from this, there will always come few trainees who will be able to sustain a 9 to 5 kind of job atmosphere. There are hotels and other organisations who are successfully working with PWD. Our focus will be to identify such trainees, train them, and subsequently place them with organizations under constant supervision.

  • 4. Counselling and Parent Support:

    Family is the first and foremost pillar, strength and support system for any individual. But over the course of time we came across many families were there was a severe lack of awareness and understanding among parents. They seem burdened with lack of knowledge, guilt, and frustration. Many a times, we see that crucial time gets lost in absence of proper diagnosis.

    They keep running from pillar to post for obtaining disability certificate, IQ certificate, and other schemes, which the government offers for PWD. DIVYA is a platform, where they can get proper guidance and help for all such important documentations.

    Parenting in itself is a daunting task and more so often, if the child is having any kind of disability. But when different parents come under a single platform, they learn and gain strength from each other. Partnering with teachers and therapists will help them understand the nature of disability in much better way. Together we can create a better world for our children.

  • 5. Overall Development:

    “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. We at DIVYA, focus on holistic development of our trainees. We have structured our time table in such a way that it gives room for various activities.

    Few likes playing games at computers, and some other loves painting. Then there is someone who loves outdoor sports and a cute little girl enjoys cooking activity. Recreational activities, physical fitness, health camps, computer and art training all form the curriculum of DIVYA.

    Celebrating birthdays, festivals, is not only for enjoyment but it also helps them to socialise, learn some basic etiquettes, like turn taking, waiting, etc.

    Through social stories and puppet shows, we try to inculcate good habits, hygiene, discipline, team work, neatness, taking care of belongings and punctuality.


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