What we do Stationary Department

Phase 1: Stationary Department

  • 1. File & Folders:

    A very useful product to be made by our young adults. The training starts on newspaper and the whole process gets divided into micro units and then training them on each micro unit to finally make them proficient in task completion.

  • 2. Envelope Making:

    This we decided as something to be used internally first and the process of making is actually the extension of the skills learned earlier.

  • 3. Block Printing:

    It’s a very simple process, which we are sure that our trainees will be able to learn in no time. The printed sheets then can be used to make paper bags and other gift items.

  • 4. Paper bags:

    A useful item, which we decided to start with newspaper, migrating on to brown papers and then on to hand made sheets. The target users could be first local vendors like sabziwalas, and small shop owners and then slowly move from there.


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