Divya Vocational Centre has been formed under the aegis of Anant Initiatives Social Welfare Society (registered under society registration act 1860). It caters to the need of young adults suffering from any form of disability covered under persons with disability act 2016.

Our Vision

We aim to be a credible organisation which will advocate for the rights of persons with disability, create awareness among the different strata of society, provide counselling, guidance and support to the family members of differently abled young adults.

We aim to empower for inclusiveness in society by giving them intensive work training so as to make them capable of earning livelihood, becoming a productive work force and enabling them to live their life with dignity .

Our Mission

Divya Vocational Centre endeavours to facilitate an environment that recognizes and respects the diversity prevalent in human society, to address the lack of services, awareness and support for differently abled people, to teach them life skills, to provide holistic development, to understand their strength and subsequently provide them opportunity to learn vocational skills best suited to their cognitive and motor capabilities, so as to realise their full potential.

OUR Services

Come work with us and share your knowledgeand skills.


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