What we do Making Organic colour for Holi & Rangoli

Phase 1: Making Organic colour for Holi & Rangoli

  • 1. Separating flowers:

    While deciding on the units, we had to be very careful and considerate about those trainees who has limited motor and cognitive capabilities. So we decided to introduce separating flower petals for rangoli colours. The flowers are first sorted according to the colours, then plucked and cut into small pieces, dried in shadow and packed. The trainees who could not use scissor are trained to do it with hands.

  • 2. Drying and packaging mint, methi and curry leaves:

    The same thought process as earlier goes behind this too. As simple as it might sound, iy involves various steps like buying, cleaning, plucking, drying, measuring, packaging and the marketing. Trainees will be trained on all the aspects.

  • 3. Frozen peas, beans carrots:

    This involves the same set of skills as earlier and can be marketed as house hold products.


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